Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Yet another walkie

Kecil walking in the sun

Yes, this is yet another post on walkies. We wish not to bore you to death, but the truth is... well... we take walkies everyday, yes? And life, as in real life, is mostly boring, full of mundane stuff like... well.. walkies.
With the dog. And the Mama. Bringing cameras.
Sometimes we'll see monkeys. Sometimes we go to the playground.
Sometimes we hit the playground with the big slide.
Sometimes it's the one with the swing and the wall.
Sometimes we make new friends. Sometimes we walk with old friends.
Sometimes it's just one boring round.
But after the excitement last week... this Mama thinks boring is good. Yes?
Boring is good. No news is good news. So.. for today's post, it's the walkies again.

Kecil balancing after picking flower

Kecil in front of the flower patch

So on our usually boring walkies in our ... ahem.. pretty predictable life, we would usually start with the flower patch, where Kecil would sometimes get some flower for Daddy.
(She's pretty specific about the Daddy part. These flowers are not for Mama!)

And then.. since it was a boring walk, we hit the... you guess it right! ... the playground!

Kecil swinging

Kecil climbing the wall

So Kecil took a moment to play at the swing, a moment to climb the wall ...

Kecil singing

Kecil dreaming

a moment to sing, and even a moment to dream!

As walkies went, it was just a regular occurrence. Nothing really special happened.
Oh.. except perhaps the singing! Oh yeah, the singing.
That's quite new. And here's Mama hoping that she'll master the stage soon. Still remember what happened during the family day and the graduation? Hmmmpphhhffttt.
Here's to no more stage fright. Or Mama & Daddy fright (according to her teachers, Kecil had always performed well during rehearsals when her parents were not present. Go figure!). 

And here to more regular - nothing exciting, but simply good - walkies!

Kecil walking towards the slope

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