Thursday, August 18, 2011

Monkey sightings

monkey under a tree
Among other things, the one thing that we need to contend with around the neighborhood includes also a big tribe of wild monkeys always ready to ransack your rubbish bin in the search of edible stuff.
These fellows live in the trees surrounding the housing complex, and you would often see them visit different areas of the complex, especially those areas where the rubbish bins are not very well secured.

Of course, while these fellows are definitely pests for homeowners, for kids they are definitely more in the line of: cute, furry animals, fascinating tableau, potential pet, etc etc. I trust you get the gist, yes?
So when we came across this tribe of monkeys on our walkies yesterday without the Dog (the Dog is unwell. Hiks!), Kecil was obviously delighted, fascinated and slightly afraid as well.

monkey mama eating banana

other monkeys looking
The funny part was that, just as we spotted the monkeys, a car on the road actually stopped behind us, the occupants apparently equally fascinated with the sight. Well... the boy in the car was maybe just slightly older than Kecil, so her mother was obviously giving in to the boy's demands to 'see the monkeys!'. As for Kecil and Mama... haha... you are welcome to guess which one of us are more interested. Hint: Mama has her big camera with her.

monkey finishing banana

Mama monkey moved on carrying baby monkey under belly
The boy in the car (and his Mama) did not stay for very long since the care was blocking the way on the road. But he apparently had a banana which he then threw out from the window, to the delight of the monkeys. Only one monkey got it, and I guess they are not that big on sharing bounty. Haha. I should use that line when Kecil refuse to share next time.

baby monkey on mama's back

transporting baby monkey
The group we photograph are the nursing mothers who stayed on this side of the road while the rest crossed the street in search for more food. I guess these made a more interesting sight with their babies on their stomach, hanging while the mothers moved around looking for food and away from the weird humans and their big lens.
I think Kecil was equally fascinated. She actually designated the monkeys as: Mama, Baby and Daddy.

monkey mamas and babies

monkey mamas and babies
We stayed for a while to watch (and take photos), but we left once the group of mothers went off to climb up the trees. The other group (the male/female adults) came to the site not long after, but I did not want to stay since the patriarch looked kind of aggressive. Indeed we have been warned to be wary of these fellows as they are not really afraid of humans and might be provoked to attack at times.

So.. that was our story from yesterday's walkies. I do apologize for the lack of Kecil's pic. But trust me, I have a good reason. Check it out:

Kecil taking photo with big camera
Oh yeah, she's so rocking it!

Uhm... unfortunately her current level have yet to make a good picture. Monkeys are pretty demanding, you know! So.. maybe we'll start on zoom and focusing soon and I can share some of her pics next time.

Your turn, seen anything interesting to write home about lately?

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