Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Girl & Airplanes

I suppose the fact that her parents live abroad has something to do with it,
But, my, this little girl has traveled a lot, most of it on airplanes.
Understandably she has developed quite an 'interest' in airplanes,
What with the continuous litany of 'Elli, Lelli, lelli!' every time she caught sight of one, or even the sound of one.

(As for the origin of 'elli', let's just say that Mama tried really hard to tell her the 2 different objects that often flew above the house, Helicopter and Airplane. But it seems that to her logic both are no different, and hence, why not go with the easiest term to call them? And therefore... 'Elli!'. Ah well, at least her logic is unbeatable when you follow the premises)

In any case, let's start with the earliest photo I have of her in the airplane.
(She did take the plane even when she was barely 2 months, but flying solo with a baby, this mama had no hand to take photos then ya)

 This was taken on the way to holidays with Opa and Oma. We were waiting to get off the plane, I believe, so I snap a photo or two. During the flight, of course she was sitting on my lap cos she was too young to have her own seat. I believe that you need to be at least 2 years old to be able to sit in your own seat. Incidentally, kids above 2 years old are also not allowed to share the seat with others, aka sit on Mama's lap, anymore. Just for info.

Oh, just look at that mischievous smile! This was the flight from Singapore to our new home. It was a long flight, but she was asleep throughout the time when the plane was airborne. Thank goodness! So.. the only time she was a problem was before take off (had to wait for a late replacement of an errant stewardess), and after landing (during which she managed to play havoc with the magazine pockets in front of the seats). Still, she was a good baby. Not yet walking, barely standing with support grabbing hands.

Of course, by the time we had to fly again, she was already walking around. This was the little girl who tried to catch her view of the mighty steel birds which would fly her away to the grandparents' homes. She still had to sit on my lap then (based on the age requirement, as well as on the fact that the plane was really full!), and she did not have the speech to call the steel birds yet. 

Well, by the time the last holidays rolled by, the little girl was deemed too big for Mama's lap already, so.. it was the first time she flew in her own seat. I think she had fun.

Even if the headphones seemed to mystify her somewhat.

 Nein, Mama! Everything was fine. See? I make the OK sign.
Well sure. But I really have no idea where she learned that sign from.

And she was even big enough to go for self check-in and bag drop.
Eh, what?
Haha, just kidding.

Here are just some shots from inside the plane: the kiddie bag and special menu for the Little One (actually it was homemade breakfast which was packed along for the flight. Very useful!) The Kiddie bag was provided by the airline. Strangely enough, they only provided it for one (out of four) leg of the journey. I used to think that Airlines provide kiddie package on every flights. 
Am happy to report, however, that the leg of journey that got us the Kiddie stuff was the one that originated from Indonesia. Good job, folks!

 As mentioned before, having your own food is handy when the plane is delayed for take off. Really.
And this is the Kid looking through the riches that came from the Kiddie package.

Well, that's all for now. There are still share-worthy photos from our trip. But it's really a slow process to pick a few out of many. Plus, I might want to do a post on our daily life back home as well. We'll see how it goes. I hope you enjoy this one!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inexplicably Adorable

Inexplicable, because, honestly... how on earth did she get to become that cute?

And why on earth would she slouch shirtless like some old uncles I used to see at the void decks under the HDB flats?

Or wear her daddy's watch as sunglasses?
As for this one, it has to be Mad-Hatter-inspired. 
She missed the cup by a few cm there.

Feeding the dog popcorn





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