As the acting writer, photographer, editor, educator, part-time housekeeper and Mama in chief, this Mama sure is busy. Still, Mama gets LOADS of fun out of taking pictures to share Kecil's stories to family and friends who are far physically yet still close in our hearts.

Born and raised in Indonesia, this Mama finished her education in Singapore, which accounted for her preference to read and write in English nowadays.

Currently not working, this Mama fills up her time by pursuing her other interest. Currently occupying the top spots are photography, blogging, a little bit about design, as well as dreaming up her own job. This Mama is also taking further (formal) education in management, with the hope that she will be back into the workforce once the opportunity arises.

In her spare time, if any, this Mama still loves reading (stories, blogs, magazines), browsing the net for inspirations, tinkering with her blog(s), watching the occasional drama, taking walks outdoor and taking pictures, even occasionally coming up with gastronomical masterpieces (ahem. Such modesty, I know. Ahem). Not quite an introvert and a very bad hermit, she also loves meeting and talking to people, and take down an anthropological note or two.
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