Kecil, meaning 'small' in Indonesian
This is a personal blog about Kecil
Who happens to be the first Kid of Mama and Daddy
Who also happen to be the first grandchild of Oma & Opa and Eyang Kakung & Eyang Uti
Not to mention the first (direct) niece of no less than four Tante-s

Kecil's family

Do you see all of them?
There's some more.

Kecil also happen to live far, far away from these people (except for Mama & Daddy, of course!)
Far as in thousands of kilometers kind of far, across seas and oceans kind of far, needing hours of travel using airplanes kind of far
Also sometimes, can barely talk through crackly, bad connection over the phone kind of far.

Until finally Mama finally came up with this blog to keep the family updated with Kecil's stories
Even if she's far far away.

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