Monday, February 27, 2012

The Socials, part deux


After the other day's socials, the Kids got totally hooked. As we sent Ami home, we were reminded to just call her the next day when we are ready to go for walkies.
And so we have yet another set of pics of the two Kids, playing as kids this time.


Unlike the previous day, this time round the girls are a wee bit cranky with each other, with one insisting to go home, the other not wanting to be friends anymore... oh the drama.
Thankfully, all bickering was set aside once we got to the playground.
I suppose in the face of more important matters (such as climbing the monumental structure above), getting the last argument is no longer important.


Not to mention running away from a certain shutter-happy Mama, who pretended to be a monster under the slide and who would happily grabbed both pics and slow legs that come across her way!



Yeah, there's nothing better than the MonsterMama to make these girls scream and laugh.



We did, also, make time for a few swings. Mama even got a pic of a certain very lady-like little girl swinging under the beautiful fading light.


T'was a good walk and frolic in the playground.
And I might be wrong, but me thinks I am about due for another walk now.
We'll see you around!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Socials

Walkies 231

Walkies 232

This week, Mama received some coaching on socializing.
Apparently, for ladies of quality, it means dressing up (in pink!), crafting princessy head gears, donning matching accessories and setting off to explore the potential surrounding.

Walkies 241

Flowers are definitely suitable objects of interest. Just beware of the doggie poo poo.

Walkies 250

Along the way, there is virtue in using your imagination to turn objects you find to anything that suit your purpose. Like... a no parking sign into an ice cream stall for thirsty little girls ladies, perhaps?

Walkies 254

Walkies 257

A lengthy discussion ensued to debate the supremacy of pink colored ice cream above any other flavors, including chocolate.

Walkies 267

At the end of the debate, it's OK to take out little cute bottles of refreshments right there on the road to quench one's throat.

Oh, and by the way, it's also good to have a traveling photographer to document the social event.
Especially when the said photographer received flowers as form of payment.

Walkies 242

Walkies 261

Even if the photographer demanded payment often.

Ain't they cute? The girls happen to play together when they decided to make crowns that day. And when I announced my plan to take the Dog out for walk, they both ran to get their respective (pink) bags as well as their crowns. Comments we encountered along the way include the question if there was a birthday party involved.
Ah well... such is the way of Little Ladies, don't you think?

Friday, February 24, 2012

not quite so small

2012-01-29 at 11-44-41

This Little Girl of mine might be able to take pictures on her own. Her size also might rival older kids around the neighborhood. But me thinks, deep inside, she still thinks she's the same small, little girl.
I guess it's never easy to accept that you've grown, especially in size. (Ha!)

2012-02-05 at 13-43-21

So such was the case that weekend, while we were dining at one of the local establishments, Kecil simply act as if she was still.... small.

2012-02-05 at 12-36-27

She climbed on Mama's lap on the big pod of a hanging chair, ...

2012-02-05 at 12-38-34

2012-02-05 at 12-38-44

2012-02-05 at 12-38-45

She went on to use facilities intended for kids smaller than her ...

2012-02-05 at 12-39-30

Even climbing up and down the said structure!

2012-02-05 at 12-39-42

But then I guess again, she IS still small. Just not quite that small anymore.
And at your age and size, Kecil, you really should indeed be using your chance to the fullest.
Then at least Mama would be quite assured that you've spent enough time in all those lovely playgrounds and what nots.
Hopefully, you'll not go by your Mama's complaint:
"There was no such thing when I was small!"

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Food Festival

2012FoodFest 076

2012FoodFest 081

2012FoodFest 080

Unbelievably, it's been a year since the last Food Festival.
This year, we are all very excited to troop back to Ami's school for the Food Festival.

2012 197

2012 200

This year, we actually made our own way to the book shop to purchase the tickets (at an early bird's discount), and Kecil had her exciting moment of pointing out the similarity of the ticket design to the Food Fest banner outside the school.

2012FoodFest 074

Can't you tell if she's excited to go? This was taken as we made our way (on foot) to the school. Mama had dressed Kecil appropriately, because she knows what the main attraction would be for this Little One.
Just to give you a hint, it's NOT the food.

2012FoodFest 106

2012FoodFest 113

2012FoodFest 119

The bouncy mat? Haha.. you bet. As you can see, Mama was left in the dust once the mat was fully inflated.
Which was kind of good, as Mama then can make her way around to take pics.

2012FoodFest 078

2012FoodFest 084

2012FoodFest 088

2012FoodFest 101

The school being an international school, of course you'd expect international food abound. And indeed, it was a pretty cool feast.

2012FoodFest 092

2012FoodFest 094

2012FoodFest 096

2012FoodFest 090

The Japanese food stall was especially a visual feast with all the interesting details, from brightly colored yukata and obi, the textures employed in the decorations, to Little Ami herself enjoying a spot of onigiri.

2012FoodFest 079

2012FoodFest 093

2012FoodFest 095

Indeed, besides Ami, there are others also in traditional costumes. Even boys (though they moved so much I didn't get a good pic)

Well... soon after, the food booths were opened and lines formed around all the booths.

2012FoodFest 126

It kind of marked the end of Mama's photographing spree as we all went into the business of queuing and grabbing our food. Kecil barely ate (nor get photographed) because she was too busy with other things, namely running around looking for her friends as well as playing in various spots with all the other kids.
Rest assured, however, that she had fun.

2012FoodFest 148

2012FoodFest 154

As night fell and it turned dark, there were students' performances, from kindergardener like Ami to the bigger students from up to Grade 12. 
And as a finale, we had some spectacular fireworks.
Not quite being prepared, Mama does not have any pics of the fireworks.
Perhaps next year. Haha....

2012FoodFest 157

Following the Food Fest last year, we had Kecil's Skool Field trip, which is also coming this year at the end of the month. We are excited, but it would seem that the Epic Holiday series would just be left hanging. Haha... We'll see, we'll see.

Monday, February 20, 2012


2012-01-30 at 17-54-37
Right after a long, leisurely walkies with the Dog, isn't it great to find oneself in the company of friends right there in the neighborhood?
Especially when the said friends are fun little girls just like her Little Highness.

2012-01-30 at 17-54-43

2012-01-30 at 17-55-54
And so they all jumped and played, and shouted, and laughed, and basically had so much fun together ...

2012-01-30 at 17-57-20
Even as the Dog sighed and waited patiently, for her turn of attention.

2012-01-30 at 18-08-22

2012-01-30 at 18-09-48
Later on, they all took turn to let Mama take a pic.

2012-01-30 at 18-08-31
It was really great playing with you, Girls!
Here's for more girly girls play dates in the future!
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