Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Socials

Walkies 231

Walkies 232

This week, Mama received some coaching on socializing.
Apparently, for ladies of quality, it means dressing up (in pink!), crafting princessy head gears, donning matching accessories and setting off to explore the potential surrounding.

Walkies 241

Flowers are definitely suitable objects of interest. Just beware of the doggie poo poo.

Walkies 250

Along the way, there is virtue in using your imagination to turn objects you find to anything that suit your purpose. Like... a no parking sign into an ice cream stall for thirsty little girls ladies, perhaps?

Walkies 254

Walkies 257

A lengthy discussion ensued to debate the supremacy of pink colored ice cream above any other flavors, including chocolate.

Walkies 267

At the end of the debate, it's OK to take out little cute bottles of refreshments right there on the road to quench one's throat.

Oh, and by the way, it's also good to have a traveling photographer to document the social event.
Especially when the said photographer received flowers as form of payment.

Walkies 242

Walkies 261

Even if the photographer demanded payment often.

Ain't they cute? The girls happen to play together when they decided to make crowns that day. And when I announced my plan to take the Dog out for walk, they both ran to get their respective (pink) bags as well as their crowns. Comments we encountered along the way include the question if there was a birthday party involved.
Ah well... such is the way of Little Ladies, don't you think?

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