Saturday, February 4, 2012

Epic Holiday: A New Friend

Next stop in our Epic Holiday was Opa & Oma's house in Bogor. The visit was also timed to happen during the Christmas weekend, with the hope that all the Tante's from Mama's side of the family would also be around. It was pretty good timing, especially considering Oma's recent surgery.
Somehow, amidst all the scheduling, we also managed to arrive at home while there was a little friend for the Little One in house, and so Kecil quickly acquired a new friend and companion while on holiday.


Her name is Ayu, and she is the daughter of Mama's childhood nanny, who came for a extended visit and help out in the house during the holidays. We are all happy to have them around, especially, it would seem, Kecil!




In the speed of lightning in which apparently typical bonds between two little girls of similar age seems to happen, the two became fast friends, quite literally.
They ran around the house together, they looked for each other constantly, Kecil even insisted that Ayu got a share of her favorite (oversized) pink apples that she filched from Oma's fruit basket.
And the only other thing that make the whole affair cuter is the fact that Kecil speaks primarily in English while Ayu in Indonesian and Sundanese, and they just managed to get along fabulously nevertheless.


Oh my Kid, the apple filcher!

Ah well.. anyway, as I was saying, the fast friend ran amok throughout the house, creating mayhem and destruction in their wake (kidding). Among other things, they did managed to help Tante Ela get the Christmas cookies down in production:



They poked and prodded the dough, they chose the most difficult shapes, generally making a nuisance of themselves, but the did help. And we all had fun, didn't we?


And since the cookies need to be baked for a while, they still had some time to blow some bubbles outside, which kept them out of the way, at least for a while.


Of course, the time spent in Bogor was not only spent playing with Kecil's new friend. But perhaps we'll cover that in the next post.
Here's for new friendships, especially those that go beyond cultural boundaries like languages!

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