Friday, February 10, 2012

Epic Holiday: The Epic Loot

The biggest, most epic loot from the epic holiday came in a heavy cardboard box with a pink Hello Kitty stamp. 
And just in case you are wondering, yes, this particular loot is also Mama's biggest justification for calling the holiday Epic. 
Especially since  we had to drag this particular piece of loot through 3 airports (with 1  night stopover in between) before we finally arrived home safely with the said item. 
Thank God for the availability of cars, taxis, trolleys as well as luggage deposit service through out the journey!

And if you are wondering about the loot.... let's first start with a story.

About a year back, Ami arrived back from her holidays with a small, pink bicycle. 
Well.. in her case, actually the bike arrived slightly later in a delivery box. 
But the point is that the bike became an instant hit. 
Do remember, however, that Ami is older than Kecil, so at the point when Kecil is still content about being pushed on her old, small tricycle, Ami was quickly picking up proper cycling.
Kecil, on the various occasions when she got to borrow the bike, usually only manage to move small distances on the smoothest surfaces. 
Most of time, she prefers to pedal backward. 
Me thinks because it's the path of least resistance, or something. 

In any case, Kecil's trike broke one day, sometime before we embarked on our Epic trip. 
I think it was a combination of a heavier load, general wear and tear as well as some abuse through the ups and downs of the road. 
But it broke, and we couldn't fix it. 
And Kecil demanded for a new one, a particular Hello Kitty one that Daddy once showed her on the computer.
And so it became one of the objective of our holiday to find the said item.
Thankfully, we succeeded.

A pink, super girly Hello Kitty bicycle, with hearts and Hello Kitty everywhere, complete with a matching pink helmet 
(Mama was so going to kiss that nice store employee for actually rummaging through the store and coming back with an adorable PINK helmet to go with the bike! That was some awesome service at Rodalink Store, Rungkut, Surabaya!)
Oh, and did I mention the cute Kid on top as accessory?

Yup, that Kid.

Anyway, unfortunately we do not really have smooth, flat roads around the house for Kecil to easily cycle on. Although somehow having her own bike managed to make her learn  how to pedal properly (in the right direction) within record time, climbing uphill is still  quite beyond her ability.
So Mama got a bit creative (more inspired by Ami's Mama, actually).

Oh, yup. We actually put a leash on the bike, so Mama can pull the bike whenever it gets too heavy for Kecil to pedal. It turned out pretty useful too, because we have to figure out the proper setting for the brakes. So now the leash can be used to pull the bike through steep inclines, or slow/stop the bike when going downhill. We really should be getting along with fixing the brakes, but in the meantime...we also have a bundle of energy ever so eager to 'test-drive' her loot.

Yeah, not a day passed without seeing this familiar sight near the front door these days. On the other hand, Mama also managed to get this pic:

Absolutely adorable! Hahaha.... I guess it was really Epic, the loot. Until next time!

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