Friday, February 24, 2012

not quite so small

2012-01-29 at 11-44-41

This Little Girl of mine might be able to take pictures on her own. Her size also might rival older kids around the neighborhood. But me thinks, deep inside, she still thinks she's the same small, little girl.
I guess it's never easy to accept that you've grown, especially in size. (Ha!)

2012-02-05 at 13-43-21

So such was the case that weekend, while we were dining at one of the local establishments, Kecil simply act as if she was still.... small.

2012-02-05 at 12-36-27

She climbed on Mama's lap on the big pod of a hanging chair, ...

2012-02-05 at 12-38-34

2012-02-05 at 12-38-44

2012-02-05 at 12-38-45

She went on to use facilities intended for kids smaller than her ...

2012-02-05 at 12-39-30

Even climbing up and down the said structure!

2012-02-05 at 12-39-42

But then I guess again, she IS still small. Just not quite that small anymore.
And at your age and size, Kecil, you really should indeed be using your chance to the fullest.
Then at least Mama would be quite assured that you've spent enough time in all those lovely playgrounds and what nots.
Hopefully, you'll not go by your Mama's complaint:
"There was no such thing when I was small!"

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