Monday, February 27, 2012

The Socials, part deux


After the other day's socials, the Kids got totally hooked. As we sent Ami home, we were reminded to just call her the next day when we are ready to go for walkies.
And so we have yet another set of pics of the two Kids, playing as kids this time.


Unlike the previous day, this time round the girls are a wee bit cranky with each other, with one insisting to go home, the other not wanting to be friends anymore... oh the drama.
Thankfully, all bickering was set aside once we got to the playground.
I suppose in the face of more important matters (such as climbing the monumental structure above), getting the last argument is no longer important.


Not to mention running away from a certain shutter-happy Mama, who pretended to be a monster under the slide and who would happily grabbed both pics and slow legs that come across her way!



Yeah, there's nothing better than the MonsterMama to make these girls scream and laugh.



We did, also, make time for a few swings. Mama even got a pic of a certain very lady-like little girl swinging under the beautiful fading light.


T'was a good walk and frolic in the playground.
And I might be wrong, but me thinks I am about due for another walk now.
We'll see you around!

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