Monday, March 5, 2012

Busy days, again...

Field Trip260

Field Trip121

2012-03-03 at 16-59-49

We are really grateful that the Food Festival this year is somewhat early. Last year, following the Festival, we went straight for Kecil's field trip
This time round, the field trip only happen a few days after, but was followed immediately with the arrival of Kecil's two Tante's from Mama's side of the family, and another outing to Manila.
To say that we were exhausted from all the activities barely beings to describe it.
And so, it is only now that Mama got the chance to sit down, sift through the mountain of pics (well... OK, the hill, not quite mountain this time), and maybe update all of you our lovely readers here.

Rest assured that we are having lots of fun, Mama, Kecil, the 2 Tante's.... 
Only Daddy might be suffering from all the noise that we make. 
We'll try to cover all our outings in the next few days. Crossing fingers.

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