Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Field trip: afternoon swim

Field Trip320

Field Trip302

Field Trip306

In between making the kite and decorating the cupcakes, we actually managed to squeeze in a dip in the pool. Kecil finished her kite in record time, and so we had the whole pool practically to ourselves while the rest of the kids were still busy with their kites.

Field Trip311

Field Trip317

Field Trip328

It wasn't long, however, before some of the kids 'remembered' the pool and went back for a second/third/nth dip.

Field Trip330

Which is also a good thing, as we soon see some collaboration...
Or should I call it mischief?
Two kids, with a ball, going missing for a while... hmm hmm hmm...

Nah... they reappeared soon after, so nothing happened.
Although I do believe that they DID have a ball. (!)

Field Trip335

Elsewhere around the pool, Mamas are patiently waiting for their errant offspring.

Well, but the sun soon was pretty low in the horizon and it was time for us to pack up for the day.
But not before we took some group photos.

Field Trip395

Field Trip402

Amidst all the din and commotion, I suppose a (few, or many) group photo(s) were taken.
And of course there was one Mama who had to hog the limelight (at least on her camera)

Field Trip398

And we were ready to head home.
Well... almost. Perhaps after one last post. We'll see you then.

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