Tuesday, March 8, 2011

field trip: wrapping it up

Last post on the field trip, I promise! This is IT!

So we got the final report from school today, in the form of official letter, saying that the field trip was a huge success. Well... I don't think we really needed that letter to confirm what we already knew, do we? Kecil enjoyed herself, immensely. Dot. Finish. Success. No?

And indeed, what not to enjoy? With the swimming, the pizza making, the beach, the playgrounds...

So to wrap it all up, here are the rest of the photographs. We do hope you had enjoyed tagging along on our field trip to the beach.

At the activity room:

At the beach playground:

And lastly, at the big swimming pool, while we were waiting for our ride:

There! That's it, folks! So.. until the next time we get to yet another beautiful beach resort, it's regular programming with mostly daily activities, walks, and such. Enjoy!

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