Friday, March 11, 2011

Shoes! Shoes! Shoes!

Little Legs
Last week, Kecil got the result of her general check up at school, in which she was declared underweight. Underweight! Can you believe it? With those Little Legs of hers?
And so we did a careful measuring and calculating, and concluded that most probably there has been a miscalculation somewhere. Hmmm... sloppy sloppy.

Still... Mama is somewhat jarred enough to pay more attention that Kecil gets to eat slightly more, of more variety (the good kind), etc etc.
In addition, those two feet also inspired Mama to do a little documentation, of the Shoe kind. Just continue on.

The Red one
Actually the first pair that I should feature should be the pink ones featured here. Somehow, however, that particular pair did not make it in front of the camera. I think Kecil kept on stealing that particular pair every time I placed them nicely somewhere.
As for these Red ones, I remember buying them in Bali to replace her older pair, the sling of which broke.

The Black one
The Pink, the Red and these Black ones are the current ones (the ones that currently fit) that Mama bought for Kecil. These Blacks were bought specially for the Singapore trip. Not that Singapore in general is a very formal place, but I was planning to bring Kecil along for Sunday mass with my old church choir. Ahem, had I brought her along wearing the dusty Red, DOH, I might get kicked out by the choral director. Haha... a firm believer of the concept Sunday's best, I don't think he would appreciate the Kid wearing Crocs lookalike to church on Sunday.

Kecil did not make it for that Sunday mass, she was still asleep then. But she did attend a wedding ceremony in those Blacks. Also, in the pipeline, the school will be having some sort of recognition ceremony to mark the end of the school year, during which Kecil will be required to wear those Blacks. So... all is good. She loves those Blacks, by the way, thanks to the way it taps on hard surfaces. None of her other shoes make such sound.

The Pink School Shoes number One
You might remember these from the Skool post. This is her supposedly current school shoes (since they never informed us about any color requirements, ha!). Mama does check regularly that the shoe still fits. Past two days, these Pinks have been very much replaced by Pinks no 2. But maybe we'll keep that story for another day.

The Blues
Aren't those flips flops pretty? I think Tante Rina bought them for Kecil on our holiday in Bali. It's still a bit of struggle for Kecil to wear these flips flops, but she loves them.

I do thank you should you think that those pics look nice. Trust me, taking them was not quite that easy. Quite a lot of times, I ended up with these Cinderella shots:

All thanks to a certain itchy-handed Little Girl:
The Itchy-Handed One
Well... we finally got tired of staring at shoes, so we decided to make good use of the good weather and went off swimming.
But of course, the shoe story is not finished yet.
Being so in-love with her Blacks (she does not get to wear it that often), Kecil refused to take them off. So... there she went, in her yellow bikini, the blue-faced man hat, and the Blacks.

Off swimming

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