Monday, March 7, 2011

Intermediate walkies...

For some strange reasons, despite preferring at any other point to be pushed on her bike, Kecil has this peculiar fondness of this particular slope.
The slope being what it is, however, there is no way I can push her in her bike up.
And so, Mama had made it a condition for going on the slope, that Kecil should climb on her own.

Intermediate slope
It is not obvious in the picture, but the slope is actually quite rocky (which means lots of foothold), and can feel pretty uphill as well.
Oh, but Kecil manages very well in general.
Oh yeah, we've been there a lot many times, indeed.

And what do you know? There are actually some good out of all those slope-climbing.
The last time we had a longer walk with Daddy and the Dog to the waterfalls, she walked 70% of the way, asking only to be carried when she's absolutely over her limit or when the track proves way beyond her ability to maneuver (steep, downward, rocky tracks).

Oh, she's definitely on her way to become her own hiker one day!

On daily practice
On a real hiking/biking trail
Hiking with Daddy
 The Dog is definitely there too. The second picture from the last, she's there.
In the last picture? She is the reason why Kecil was excitedly pointing to one side of the picture.

And Mama? Well... someone had to operate the camera now, ya?

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