Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Despite her family's concerted effort to keep her 'properly' outfitted from head to toe, Kecil had managed to so far resisted Mama's effort to tackle the curly mess that is her hair.
Following few choice requests from the family, Mama had not cut Kecil's hair since like... a year ago,
And as a result... it's been growing, and growing and growing...
Which is not so bad, considering the kinds of things you can do to a little girl's hair (oh... the possibilities!)
Until the Kid herself resist any such effort to 'dress' her hair up.
She prefers her hair down as is, thank you very much.

Until she got a Hello Kitty clip from a classmate's birthday pack.
Uh oh, no school day is complete without the clip
Which is also the reason why she lost it so quickly, right before any photo was taken, that is.

Thankfully, not long afterward, we got a pair of decorative combs when we bought a doll for her,
The decorative comb was happily snatched and requests were made for Mama to put it on the hair
So... we have now Kecil with knots on her hair.


Just woke up and snatched away to send Mama to school

The only problem is that the combs, being combs, are quite prone to falling off.
Still, it seems to be staying on WAY longer than any other forms of hair accessories, so....

And here's her highness with only one knot...

She watches too much TV
A proper little Cut Nyak Dien, you said?

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