Friday, March 25, 2011

Favorite things

Favorite things
There was a time after I gifted Ami a beautiful batik sundress, that she would demand to be dressed in that particular dress every single day.
It would seem that Kecil had also reached that stage, of having her own preferences for clothes, shoes, etc.
The two featured above, are her current favorites.

The B dress
The "B" dress had become a favorite not long after she learned of the letter B in school. We call it the "B" dress because, although not seen in the photograph, the fabric design actually incorporates a few frames with single letter in it, the most prominent one being a letter B right in the middle of the skirt.

Oh, there no day that pass without Kecil asking for the dress. The dress actually does not survive very long on the hanger in the cabinet. The moment the dress is spotted, Kecil would demand for it.

Mama never thought that she would be one day grateful for Kecil's propensity to drool liberally, but with respect to the B dress? She actually did feel grateful.
Because drool means wet dress which means the dress needs a wash, and Kecil can't abide wet clothing. If not for the drool, I think the dress would get worn day in day out without washing in between. Yay, drool!

The Snow White Croc
As for the other favorite, it is yet another pair of Crocs, this time from GrandMa. I believe there was an irresistible sale, and she consulted with me regarding the size.
I remember telling her that Kecil still have quite a few shoes at her current size, and recommended a bigger size just so Kecil will get more chance of wearing it.
Ahem. Somehow both our precaution just blew up the sizing and we ended up with a WAY to big pair of Crocs, which Mama tucked away in some corners of the shoe cabinet for future use.

Until Kecil found the pair during one of her rummaging expeditions.
And she is so not letting go of this one. I guess well.. it's pretty. The material actually sparkled instead of plain matte blue as I would expect. So... I guess it's irresistible for Kecil.
It is, however, still very much too big. Yet somehow, she managed it.
After some tinkering, she actually declared: no more big!
Are you wondering yet? Here's her tinkering:

Tinkered Crocs
Aw, she's one cool little lady, all right. Haha.. so for the tinkering, I think she deserved the shoes.
And I'll have you know too, that so far, Kecil had manage to do all the things she usually does with the shoes. Jumping, running, walking.... She's goood!

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