Monday, March 7, 2011

field trip: the afternoon

Ugh ogh, this is dragging slightly too long. The field trip was already a week ago, for goodness sake! But Mama just have two more posts, including this one. Then we can go back to regular daily activities, all right?

So, it was afternoon on field trip day, after lunch, more free time and one arts & craft activity, (not to mention an episode of crankiness followed by a bottle of milk) it was time for another activity. Yey! Any guess from the Sighted picture above?

All the cameras ready for action, the kids sitting down... hmm....
Wow, it's Pizza-making time!

In the spirit of cooking, each kid was issued a chef's hat. Umm... they are regular adult size. So, yeah... a bit of a problem there.

Umm... I am very sure there was a seat over here just now!
Like that, yeah, precisely. But I think the seat being a beanbag might have something to do with that as well. Anyway, they all look adorable in the hats, don't you think?

To say that the kids are a bit confused is maybe an understatement, especially about the toddlers, like a certain Little One we all know very well. Still, others are already dreaming about the wonderful creation they are going to make.

Dreaming of pizzaa....
To the amusement of another:

I want my Pizza naaawww!
Well... anyway... the pizzas finally got made, and Kecil did enjoy it very much. Isn't that what counts at the end? Maybe with this practice, she can help Mama next time. Hahaha...

Eating HER pizza

Made with Mama's help

And a Large ice lemon tea to wash them all down

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