Tuesday, March 1, 2011

busy days...

Little Feet... running...
Funny how days can go without any inspiration to write,
And then BAM! so many things, so many photos, so many stories to tell until it become so difficult to sort out.

Those two feet above had gone everywhere, indeed,
Running, exploring, getting dirty, getting wet, climbing, jumping, dancing...
Oh, they have been around

They have been around walking at the Food Festival on Saturday at the B School (not her own school, but the international school nearby)

There was the playground to play in...
The Playground @ B School
The school indoor basketball court...

Even the huge balooney trampoline full of jumping kids of all ages...

And that was only on Saturday.
Yesterday, Kecil was off on her first ever school field trip to a beach resort nearby, where she spent the whole day frolicking, arts crafting and generally having fun.

Practicing her supermodel poses in the swimming pool
What can Mama say?
It will definitely take some time while we work out all the excitement from our systems.
But do stay tune for the pics, at the very least.
Out of the 300 odd pictures that the shutter-happy Mama had taken over the 3 days period, there bound to be some decent ones to share.
But maybe that will also take turn with regular posting from the daily happenings.

In the meantime, we certainly hope that your weekend had been great too, and that your week had started with a bang.

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