Wednesday, March 2, 2011

field trip: going

Kecil's field trip on Monday was this beach resort about half an hour drive away from the city.
We met up in school pretty early, just so we can get there before the sun is too hot for outdoor activities.
And as you can see, Kecil is none to happy about being awake so early.
Or maybe she found that her coffee taste horrible?

Waiting on the curb
But of course, as expected, we were 'early' despite being on time. Which means that we had to wait for the rest to turn up. Such is life, isn't it?

In the play room @ Skool
But at least the waiting also means that Kecil got to play in the playroom while we wait for the rest.

With Daddy
Daddy had kindly volunteered to drive us to the resort, both for the pleasure of driving with the family as well as to have a look at the resort. It is a pity that he could not join us for the day, though, for the resort is absolutely beautiful.

Kissing Daddy bye bye
Ah well, instead of joining us enjoying the whole day, Daddy had to leave and went back to work. So after a few pecks on the cheeks, off Daddy went, and Kecil set off to her day at the resort.

(We are continuing with the story tomorrow, in installment, as Mama had to work on other deadlines as well. Do stay tune, and I do hope you are enjoying it so far)

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