Sunday, March 6, 2011

Minnie & Bunny

Do you still remember Bunny? You can go here for the Bunny story. But just in case you are feeling lazy, here's a pic:

Baby & Bunny
And as for Minnie? It wasn't that long ago that we acquired Minnie, right?

The point is that these two are Kecil's best (inanimate) friends. Just take a look at what greets me as I stepped out the house the other day:

The whole Gang
But that day was fine, because I think we were just playing outside.

Yet another day, when we were going for our daily walk...
(Do I really have to add that it happen to be a day when Mama decided that she's too lazy to lug around the big camera?Ahem)

Ugh oh... Yup. The whole gang, with the two littlest strapped on the bike.
Not simply sitting, mind you, strapped.

The Little Walker
Now obviously Kecil has done some 'training' that she can indeed complete our normal rounds. There are times, however, when she simply prefers to be pushed around by Mama.
That day, with the two other Littles?
Well... they managed, somehow.

As to where we went... just scroll on, and you can come along as well!

Frolicking at the playground with the two additional Littles? Sure, why not.
Especially when she obviously enjoyed herself oh so very much.

Running around with the Littles
With the last additional thing to do, just because she can do it:

Washing hand at the old water spout

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