Friday, January 21, 2011

Holiday theme: Minnie Mouse

Pajama party with Minnie
Imagine being in a super crowded 24hr department store with that huge stack of stuff you are carrying home, and progress was held up by a little girl who refused to be parted from a (uhm, slightly ugly, color-challenged) Minnie Mouse softie. Oh, this Little Girl is one canny one. She managed to bully Mama into getting her that (uhm, ugly) Minnie. Oh well. I guess she did learn something about Disney character from her trip to Disneyland last time.

And so Minnie becomes a new bedmate.
It's kind of cute when she mis-pronounces the name to Wiiwii..Wiiwii...
Not cute when this Mama is the one to fetch Minnie from whatever end of the room/house just so she can sleep in peace with Minnie in her arm. Hmmph.

Minnie-play in the afternoon
How did Minnie end up at various corners of the room?
Well... the Kid is... well.. a kid. So.. while she might hug Minnie at night, afternoons are a totally different ballpark. Minnie might get thrown, hidden in the drawer, tucked in the extra bed, anything.
Such is life of a softie, I suppose. I just hope Minnie will stand the rigour of the Kid's toddler years.

And just one last story,
Kecil has learned to put away her shoes at a designated point from school.
So.. in the hotel room, the designated point was the wardrobe, in the space under the safe.
On the day we brought Minnie back from the store, Kecil took of her shoes, then proceeded to pull at Minnie's shoes as well, an effort doomed by the fact that Minnie's shoes are merely yellow colored fabric sewn on the legs.
Ooo... the distress when she couldn't take of Minnie's 'shoes'.

Ah, Little One, for the entertainment value alone, yes, I freely give you Minnie, and all the effort I need to expend in fetching Minnie from various corners of the house just so she can accompany you to sleep.

More afternoon Minnie-play

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