Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A little ode...

When the head is heavy, yet sleep doth refuse to come,
Let's write a little ode, for the past and the years to come.

Also, I think I promised some 'vintage' photos. So.. here we come...

Little Lamb Friend
Have you met our Little Lamb Friend yet?
This is our very special friend, whom we take for almost every single walkies, apart from the Dog and the Little Girl, that is.
It's actually attached to the tricycle which I bought quite sometime ago for the very purpose of taking walkies with BOTH the Baby and the Dog.
Well, there's also that part about the Little One not being able to keep her hands away from the neighbor's tricycle, but we shall not mention that, ya?

So, here was the trike when I first bought and presented it to the Little One...
Kecil on the trike
 Twas indeed a long time ago. Haha...
It was chosen and bought based on just a few basic criteria: it has an adult size steering handle, and not electronic thing-a-magic in front. Those kind of thing usually do not last very long. Hence we have just a simply squeaky toy in the form of Little Lamb Friend.
Of course, we somehow lucked out in many ways: the color scheme (blue and pink) happen to match the neighbor's trike (which Kecil had set her heart upon), the whole construction was pretty sturdy and well thought (with the baskets both in front and at the back of the trike), the design would be usable through several stages of growth... etc. Simply said? I love that trike, and as the one pushing it on daily basis, that's important.

Kecil on the trike
Thankfully, the other party, the one who has to ride it on daily basis, also love it.
From the squeaky toy, the safety belt (a bit hard to see), the everything.
And for a while, she was content to ride while Mama push the trike on daily walkies with the Dog.
Once she's bigger, of course, she wanted to copy Mama...

Look, Mama, I can push it too!

I can push and bring the Dog too, Mama. Oy, Dog!
Ahem, Ok, I do NOT pose with trikes. But then again, maybe I do show off. Ahem. So...

Curly Kecil on the trike
Well... the color has somewhat faded slightly, but the trike is still going strong. Nowadays, Kecil is already strong enough to walk run(!) on her own during walkies, but we still bring along the trike anyway, just in case she got tired.
Better on the trike than being carried by Mama, ya? She's not that light anymore.

Unfortunately, there's no escaping carrying her should she fall asleep. The seat simply does not accommodate a sleeping baby.
Just try not to make it a habit. Juggling a dog, a trike, a sleeping (heavy) baby and some funky terrain is sure no joke. Fuh.

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