Monday, January 3, 2011

Making You Smile

This Mama likes to think that she takes pretty decent photos of the Little One,
Trust me, it's not always easy.
And so ideas can sometime just simmer at the back of Mama's mind, waiting for the perfect opportunity to be realized,
But I guess, some things are just beyond my current capabilities,
Like this example below, you'll see
So.. I guess this will just be something to make you smile..

Kecil ready for some bubble time!
One of the Little One's favorite game is soap bubbles. Mama often buys this long tube of liquid soap, and we would play with the bubbles at the back yard.
It's a wonderful sight that I would really love to share with you all.
So, since it was Daddy's holiday, we thought we can finally make it work.
Mama can make bubbles while Daddy take the pictures.

Now our camera is not exactly the cutting edge technology.
So it's a bit slow, old, etc etc.
And it takes effort to take quick pics of the Little One moving so quickly all over the place.
So.. Daddy decided to use the continuous feature.
It still did not work, but hey, the result sure made us smile.

Lots of smiley faces!

1 comment:

  1. LOL!!! Very cute and funny!!!
    *coba ada rekaman suara ketika gambar ini diambil hahahha*


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