Monday, January 31, 2011

Because these too, are precious...

Kecil crying on the road 
Baby crying on the street

As priceless as the smiles, the laughter, the antics and everything else, these tears too, are precious.
Because not only they provide the whole picture, of who and what this Little Girl is,
They say, ever so strongly, how deeply she feels about certain things

And so, even with the every so great reluctance, Mama complied to her wish
For it was finally clear, indeed, how strongly the Little Girl feels about certain things

For the curious lot of you, we were going for a leisurely walk on a Sunday morning, and she insisted that I brought along her push bike, just so she does not have to walk. Hmmph. 
So.. overburdened as Mama was with the huge camera (which was taken for a learning process), Mama still had to push the Little One on her bike. Such is the life of Mamas everywhere, I suppose.

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