Monday, January 24, 2011

Great Friends part 1

Happy Little Girls @ StudioMama
Among the many things that we are thankful for about our current place, friends for the Little One (and therefore the Mama) must be one of the top contender.
We were really lucky to have just next door, another little girl, just barely a year older than the Little One, who gets along famously with the Little One.

More than a year ago...
You might think that one year difference is big, especially when you are barely a toddler, not more than 3, 4 year in age. It was pretty obvious that they were not quite matched when they first met, but after a while....

Little Girls get along fine
They play together anyway, despite the difference in age, the gap in physical and mental development (Kecil was still learning to walk while Miss A was already running when this photo was taken). Even the different language and cultural background did not faze them.

Mischievous Duo on the bike
The Mama's are always happy when the two girls play together. Not only they make a real cute picture, but having each other for a playmate means the Mama's are free to do other things. Especially now that they only require minimum supervision around the house.

Bike racing (under supervision, never fear!)
We never know where the future will take us, but I do hope that where ever we might go in the future, my Little Girl would have fond memories of the fun she had with her friend from next door, and hopefully, even a lasting friendship, through days when even the photos have already faded.

And so, just because they made such a cute picture, I give you one more picture:

Little Girls playing @StudioMama

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