Friday, January 21, 2011

Holiday theme: Family & Friends

Kecil & GramMa
I suppose it's part and parcel of living abroad, but holidays in general are usually not just 'holiday' but would also include some sort of reunion, with family, with friends.
Just so with the last holiday. In fact, one would say that indeed, that was the main purpose of the 'holiday'. But it was great.
It was cool that we get to buy things we wouldn't have found back home, but the experience of meeting family and friends after so long? Priceless.

Kecil & GramPa
On their part, I do believe that the grandparents were very happy too to see Kecil, even if it's getting more obvious that Kecil can outrun them with great ease nowadays.

Kecil running towards her Tante
There was also the Tante, who happened to be at the same place and so could join us for dinners and stuff.

The girl with a balloon, and the fairy from fairyland
And a new friend, from old friends...

Kissing cousins, posing for photos
And from family.

We wished it were a longer holiday, we wished the new friends can make better acquaintance of each other, but I suppose there will always be another day
And so we just hope that we'll always have the memories to carry us through.
Until we meet again....

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