Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An afternoon at the pool

Four little girlst swimming
A beautiful sunny afternoon, and a prospect for reunion with a former classmates, it was a great combination for some great time at the pool last week.
Karin & Kecil: Graduation ceremony
Little Karin was a former classmate of Kecil's. After just 1 term, however, she moved back to Japan. Last week, she came by for a holiday, and we made arrangements for Kecil to meet her old friend (whom she still remembers!). And so that was how we got invited to spend the afternoon at the gorgeous pool.

Ami & Karin

Karin & Sora

Sora, Hana & Kecil
The invitation was also extended to a few other girls, who are part of the small Japanese community here. We have with us that day Ami and also Sora & Hana.

Kecil getting onto the slide

Kecil sliding

Ami sliding

Sora getting ready
Right on top of the list of things to try: the small water slide!

Followed with a few more rounds...

Then it was swimming around the pool ...

Attacking a figure of authority ... (these girls are rebels, I tell you!)

Even admiring the view!

Kecil had a real great time at the pool and we would like to thank all the girls very much for playing with Kecil. The girls probably spent more than an hour in the pool, after which they still played at the playground nearby. The picture follows:

Karin had since gone back to Japan. But we do hope that there will still be next time for the girls to meet up and play together again. Until next time, Karin! 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday ...

Heart-patterned pink boots
is for parading at the backyard
in the heart-patterned new pink boots, which had arrived a little too late for the typhoons and rains

Hiding behind the bee
 is for playing 'hide and seek'
and laze around in the sun

 is for jumping around in joy
with careless abandon and a healthy good cheer

 and to try to fly, in the hope that we'll someday grow our own wings

is to pose for Mama, as we went on to utilize the beautiful light
a walkie and a photo op.

We love our Sundays around here.
How about you?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas this year, part 1

Kecil starting to mop
Given our not yet finalized, super tentative plan for Christmas this year, Mama thought that putting up the Christmas decorations early might be a good idea. Combined with the fact that Kecil had already learned to 'anticipate' Christmas (no thanks to all the early decorations up around town since no less than 2 months ago!), it really seems like a good idea.
So, fresh from the UN Day celebrations last week, we went to work.

Kecil playing with the mop
Of course we had to start with first cleaning the house. The dog hair would probably make its way everywhere again mere minutes after we finished cleaning up, but it's the spirit of the thing, no? Besides, the potential of instilling cleanliness in Kecil should not be passed just like that. Especially given how rare the opportunity is given Mama's own ahem... relaxed views when it comes to such things. Ahem.

Kecil climbing latter in front of the tree
When the house is reasonably clean, then it's time to take out the tree and its various bits and bobs. Kecil, as you noticed, was so into the spirit that she had to wear the reindeer headband. This Mama thinks it was the carols Mama played on the stereo. Ha!

And since Kecil is big enough to be 'into' Christmas, this year, she also got to help with the decorations:
Kecil hanging tree decoration

Well... OK. To be fair, Kecil had always tried to help. The keyword, however, is the word try. Here's some documentation from 2 years back. Apparently Mama was too keen on getting the job done last year that she forgot to take pics.
Kecil in pyjamas, near the tree box

Kecil in reinderr headband, playing with the Christmas lights
Ah, I guess those reindeer headband is part tradition after all!

Kecil laughing from the sofa backrest
Anyway, back to this year's tree... it would seem that Kecil is very much satisfied with the result of our labor. In fact, between the two of us (well... Mama does most of the work), we managed to more or less put up ALL that needed to be put up from the stuff we already have inside the storage. We are still working on more stuff, mostly handmade, to be put around the house as additional decorations, but we are taking it slowly on that one. After all, Christmas is still some time to go, is it not?

Oh, and as for the tree? Ahahaha... please be patient until Mama is satisfied with the picture, yes? After all, this is only part one of the Christmas series, no? Until next time!


Kecil in her new sunglasses
With the country now pretty deep into the 'cold season' (read: it's pretty sunny, but with cold winds blowing from up North), and after Mama replaced her lost sunglasses (for the nth time!), Kecil decided that she wanted one as well.
That day when Mama finally bought Kecil her sunglasses turned out to be a perfect day for one.
Sunny, with lots of strong winds that lift all kind of dust around.
What a better way to protect your eyes from both the sun and the sand, yes?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Mama's camera dilemma

Mirror image of Kecil on the carousel
Camera-phone (edited): A carousel ride at the Mall
There are so many times that Kecil would go out with Mama and Daddy, and the camera would be left at home, resulting in no ... documentation. Or if there is any, they are of pretty bad quality (read: not to be released to the world before some tampering/beautifying efforts).

Mama & Kecil taking self photo in the restroom mirror
Camera-phone (edited): Narcissism 101, ahem.
Admittedly, bringing a huge DSLR to the toilet just for a quick snap after toilet break might be a bit too much. At the same time, perhaps the DSLR in question would have captured that precious expression (and the spirit of her antics) so much better than the much reviled camera phone did.

Kecil looking somewhere behind the camera
DSLR (SOOC): Something funny on the restaurant wall? (Note the lack of ... anything else interesting to capture)

There are times when Mama had already made the effort of lugging that huge piece of equipment only to end up having meal at a woefully uninspiring venue. Hmmpphhh..... Well, I suppose not every outing turn out to be a great photo op opportunity like that weekend horse-ride, no?

Kecil with helmet at the waterfall
DSLR (SOOC): Taking a break at the waterfall during horse riding

Still, on the very days when Mama did not have the 'good camera', we'll have things such as these:
Kecil riding carousel
Camera-phone (edited): the same carousel ride

Kecil playing with her umbrella in school uniform
Camera-phone (SOOC*): Going to Skool in the morning
Kecil and Dhira
Camera-phone (SOOC): Visiting her friend straight after Skool

Pictures that really make Mama's eyes itch straight out of camera. Arrrr!!!!!
And so we are looking into rectifying the situation, and hopefully increasing the average quality of pics that we have here on this space, while not missing a beat in our day to day coverage of Kecil and her antics. After all, isn't that what this blog is all about?

Kecil swimming with her Lion King float
DSLR (edited): Swimming at the end of a hot day
*SOOC= Straight Out of the Camera

Sunday, November 20, 2011

United Nations Day Celebrations

This Mama was not joking when she said that Friday had been wildly anticipated, both by Mama and Kecil. We were informed of the event since like a few weeks back? And I am sure there had been a lot of preparations done in Skool in terms of preparing the students. This is because the day also served as a presentation day to show off the students.
On the parents' side, our job is mostly concerned with getting the kids dressed according to the countries selected (we drew blind slots), prepare the countries' flag, practice the Kiddo's line (just a simple one line, basically stating the kids' name and the country they were representing) PLUS a food item for the potluck.
Mama's assignment for the potluck was actually the carrot cake she made for Kecil's birthday. Ha!

Kecil, as you noticed, drew the slot for representing China.
We had the dress made at the local dressmaker, upon Mama's specific instructions (the design and materials are all sourced by Mama). Mama wanted the dress not ending up as a one-time-worn only, so we used cotton material, and drew a simple design that Kecil could wear for outings and such. Thankfully the materials are pretty easy to get, and the dressmaker is pretty familiar with the basic Chinese collar design.

Having gone through all the rehearsals in Skool and stood for the dress measurement at the dressmaker, Kecil was understandably wild in anticipation for the D-day! With the only twist of her refusing to try on the dress when Mama collected it 2 days before the event. She insisted that it was only to be worn on Friday!

Well, at least there was no hesitation whatsoever on the day itself. She even remembered the whole list of things to happen on Friday the moment she woke up that day:
  • She got to wear the pink dress (with the pink shoes too!)
  • Mama brings cupcake to school
  • She got to say her lines
  • Oh, and don't forget the flag, Mama!

Being still in one of the youngest class in Skool, Kecil's part in the festivities is limited to basic participation, which includes: a cat walk around the auditorium (complete with waving at the audience), presenting her line: Hi, my name is Kecil and I am from China! as well as participating in the mass dance.
Mama was only able to take pics of Kecil reciting her line, though. During the catwalk, Mama was too busy waving. But she did very well, waving to everyone and smiling. I guess those walkies with the Dog during which we waved at everyone we knew kind of help.
As for the dance... ahem.... let's just say Mama was defeated by the Stampede (of parents rushing to get as close as possible to get the best pics of the kids dancing). Meh. This was the best pic that Mama got from the dance, and that was not saying much. Hmmpphhhffttt!

We attacked the food from the potluck soon after (no pics, sorry). There was an incident when Kecil dropped her precious piece of pizza on the floor (she BAWLED!), but all in all, everything went all right.

At home, Kecil was seen running around in her Pink Cheena dress. Happily.
So I suppose Mama did succeed in fulfilling her brief of creating a UN Day costume that will still end up worn for daily use.

We look forward to more celebrations coming our way.
Oh, and don't forget, Mama owes you one on the Christmas decorations, right?
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