Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An afternoon at the pool

Four little girlst swimming
A beautiful sunny afternoon, and a prospect for reunion with a former classmates, it was a great combination for some great time at the pool last week.
Karin & Kecil: Graduation ceremony
Little Karin was a former classmate of Kecil's. After just 1 term, however, she moved back to Japan. Last week, she came by for a holiday, and we made arrangements for Kecil to meet her old friend (whom she still remembers!). And so that was how we got invited to spend the afternoon at the gorgeous pool.

Ami & Karin

Karin & Sora

Sora, Hana & Kecil
The invitation was also extended to a few other girls, who are part of the small Japanese community here. We have with us that day Ami and also Sora & Hana.

Kecil getting onto the slide

Kecil sliding

Ami sliding

Sora getting ready
Right on top of the list of things to try: the small water slide!

Followed with a few more rounds...

Then it was swimming around the pool ...

Attacking a figure of authority ... (these girls are rebels, I tell you!)

Even admiring the view!

Kecil had a real great time at the pool and we would like to thank all the girls very much for playing with Kecil. The girls probably spent more than an hour in the pool, after which they still played at the playground nearby. The picture follows:

Karin had since gone back to Japan. But we do hope that there will still be next time for the girls to meet up and play together again. Until next time, Karin! 

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