Friday, November 4, 2011

Boo boo

Kecil with bandage on her forehead

Not quite the traditional Halloween's Boo! although I'd say there is some relation.
Mama thinks Kecil got too much candy and got high.
She thought she could fly and flew she did, from the sofa back rest, only to bang her head on the side table. Ouch!

So came Mama to the rescue, moping blood, cleaning wound and calming the almost-hysterical kid,
Mama and Daddy then took the Kid to the hospital, where she bravely kept quiet through two stitches,
She's currently on a dose of antibiotics, but seriously, she's back on her feet (or wings?)
As on the picture above, fresh out the operating room, she's game enough to take pics in her current signature pose.

And Mama could only say... right... now that Halloween is over, you got yourself a Frankenstein scar?
I guess Kecil is Mama's Kid all right. We have a similar sense of timing.
Ah well...

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