Thursday, November 17, 2011


The Dress, detail 1
There is something a-brewing. Something that requires a trip to the dressmaker, a trip to the fabric shop, as well as some extra bits and pieces.

The Dress, detail 2

The Dress, detail 3
Something pink, something with special buttons.
Something to do with school, something that is coming up this Friday.

The Dress, detail 4

The Dress, detail 5
In the meantime, the sun and the mystery item are conspiring to let Mama play the wannabe wedding photographer who took so many pictures of a single outfit!
Well, crossing our fingers, we hope that Kecil would cooperate with the outfit comes Friday.
That she will be recovered from her most recent bout of cold/cough malaise.
That she will ... well.. we'll see on Friday, yes?
Oh, but we'll also need to cross our fingers that Mama will be able to get that post up on Friday itself. Otherwise, you might have to wait till... well... whenever Mama got around to doing it. Hehe...

Till then....

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