Friday, November 18, 2011

After Skool these days

Open mouthed Kecil close up
High from cotton candy
While the end of Skool used to mean coming straight home, these days are punctuated with visits to places other than home, straight from Skool, with uniform and Skool bags and all.
The other day there was that trip to the dressmaker... (that's the picture above. We came across a cotton candy seller, hence the 'happy' expression)
Followed with a trip to the doctor to take off Kecil's sutures (she got two stitches):

Kecil eating her cotton candy
Waiting at the doctor's, still eating her cotton candy
Then there are also days when we got persuaded to play guest ...

Matching Hello Kitty umbrella

Walking, holding hands

(They generally make such a cute picture it's kind of hard to resist, you know?)
Which of course ended up with us spending like the whole afternoon (or almost) playing guest:

Fighting over the computer

Playing outside with more peace
There are good days when the little girls would play relatively peacefully.
Then there are also days when things are not so peaceful. More towards ... full of dramas, rather.
Yet, somehow, these girls would come up with all kinds of excuse to repeat the process over and over again.
My little drama Queens
Well, I suppose some dramas always make for interesting life. So we'll work on it, while still being thankful.

How about you? Have some frienemies around?

(Since the visits are usually impromptu in nature, all pics are shot only using the camera phone, Mama's current frienemy numero uno. Friend, because it's always there. Enemy, because the quality of pictures taken are pretty abominable. Siiggghhh....)

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