Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas this year, part 1

Kecil starting to mop
Given our not yet finalized, super tentative plan for Christmas this year, Mama thought that putting up the Christmas decorations early might be a good idea. Combined with the fact that Kecil had already learned to 'anticipate' Christmas (no thanks to all the early decorations up around town since no less than 2 months ago!), it really seems like a good idea.
So, fresh from the UN Day celebrations last week, we went to work.

Kecil playing with the mop
Of course we had to start with first cleaning the house. The dog hair would probably make its way everywhere again mere minutes after we finished cleaning up, but it's the spirit of the thing, no? Besides, the potential of instilling cleanliness in Kecil should not be passed just like that. Especially given how rare the opportunity is given Mama's own ahem... relaxed views when it comes to such things. Ahem.

Kecil climbing latter in front of the tree
When the house is reasonably clean, then it's time to take out the tree and its various bits and bobs. Kecil, as you noticed, was so into the spirit that she had to wear the reindeer headband. This Mama thinks it was the carols Mama played on the stereo. Ha!

And since Kecil is big enough to be 'into' Christmas, this year, she also got to help with the decorations:
Kecil hanging tree decoration

Well... OK. To be fair, Kecil had always tried to help. The keyword, however, is the word try. Here's some documentation from 2 years back. Apparently Mama was too keen on getting the job done last year that she forgot to take pics.
Kecil in pyjamas, near the tree box

Kecil in reinderr headband, playing with the Christmas lights
Ah, I guess those reindeer headband is part tradition after all!

Kecil laughing from the sofa backrest
Anyway, back to this year's tree... it would seem that Kecil is very much satisfied with the result of our labor. In fact, between the two of us (well... Mama does most of the work), we managed to more or less put up ALL that needed to be put up from the stuff we already have inside the storage. We are still working on more stuff, mostly handmade, to be put around the house as additional decorations, but we are taking it slowly on that one. After all, Christmas is still some time to go, is it not?

Oh, and as for the tree? Ahahaha... please be patient until Mama is satisfied with the picture, yes? After all, this is only part one of the Christmas series, no? Until next time!

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