Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween ...

It was two years ago that Kecil had her first Halloween. Freshly arrived at the new house barely 2 weeks before Halloween, we did not dress Kecil up in any special costume and barely managed to come up with paltry decoration and enough candy for the hungry hordes of 'ghosts' that arrived at our door step.
Of course, Kecil had to have some candy too!

Last year, we were not home during the holiday as we went to attend a family celebration in Indonesia. This year, however, we were so here to soak the atmosphere, and even get Kecil dressed up! (with limited success, hmmm....)

Check out the decoration at the neighbor's house! Mama is so envious of those pumpkins.
Like... where on earth did they get those pumpkins around here? All Mama could find were small, green pumpkin, nothing so perfectly orange like those babies!

But just in case you are wondering about Kecil's Halloween costume ...

After seeing one such character in her favorite Dora series, Kecil actually did mention that she wanted to be one, complete with the broom. She even mentioned that she was going to fly fly fly!
The cape and the hat was then bought at the very last minute at the store, and Mama thought the orange embroidery (not shown) would go well with her existing orange dress.

Somehow Kecil balked from wearing the costume on the D-hour itself!
Like... she put them on (hat and cape) and Mama was just making a move to get the camera, and she took it off. Grmmbblll!
Perhaps because it was dark, already at night, I am not too sure.

In any case, at least we still managed to get a photo-op the following day, and hence, may I present ... (drumroll please):

Adorable, no?
As for the trick or treat night itself, Kecil wore an alternate costume, many thanks to Ami's Mama.
Yes, Mama and Kecil actually went for a real, bona fide trick-or-treat to join Ami and her family. But a few houses down, after Kecil froze, petrified by a Scream mask, we decided to go home. Of course we did not get mountains of candy, which is not a Bad Thing in Mama's opinion. The little that we got is bad enough since Kecil is still recovering from her last bout of cough.
The best part was that although Kecil have not seem to grasp the idea of dressing up for Halloween, she quickly grasp the idea that the candies are HERS, not to be shared with Mama and Daddy with the exception of doling out bits that she does not quite like. Hmmmppphh....

Well, the morning after Halloween arrived soon enough without any trace of the scary sights of the night before (or the hordes of the 'funny looking beings' thronging the streets).
Kecil, the Dog and Mama went out for early morning walk in Kecil's 'alternate costume'.

Lesson from the day: perhaps we'll go with something more fancy and less scary, with a lot more involvement from Kecil. Perhaps then she'll participate more willingly with all the hullabaloo.
Yet another possibility is to stay inside and avoid the scary stuff outdoor, or even skip town altogether. We'll see, we'll see.

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