Sunday, November 20, 2011

United Nations Day Celebrations

This Mama was not joking when she said that Friday had been wildly anticipated, both by Mama and Kecil. We were informed of the event since like a few weeks back? And I am sure there had been a lot of preparations done in Skool in terms of preparing the students. This is because the day also served as a presentation day to show off the students.
On the parents' side, our job is mostly concerned with getting the kids dressed according to the countries selected (we drew blind slots), prepare the countries' flag, practice the Kiddo's line (just a simple one line, basically stating the kids' name and the country they were representing) PLUS a food item for the potluck.
Mama's assignment for the potluck was actually the carrot cake she made for Kecil's birthday. Ha!

Kecil, as you noticed, drew the slot for representing China.
We had the dress made at the local dressmaker, upon Mama's specific instructions (the design and materials are all sourced by Mama). Mama wanted the dress not ending up as a one-time-worn only, so we used cotton material, and drew a simple design that Kecil could wear for outings and such. Thankfully the materials are pretty easy to get, and the dressmaker is pretty familiar with the basic Chinese collar design.

Having gone through all the rehearsals in Skool and stood for the dress measurement at the dressmaker, Kecil was understandably wild in anticipation for the D-day! With the only twist of her refusing to try on the dress when Mama collected it 2 days before the event. She insisted that it was only to be worn on Friday!

Well, at least there was no hesitation whatsoever on the day itself. She even remembered the whole list of things to happen on Friday the moment she woke up that day:
  • She got to wear the pink dress (with the pink shoes too!)
  • Mama brings cupcake to school
  • She got to say her lines
  • Oh, and don't forget the flag, Mama!

Being still in one of the youngest class in Skool, Kecil's part in the festivities is limited to basic participation, which includes: a cat walk around the auditorium (complete with waving at the audience), presenting her line: Hi, my name is Kecil and I am from China! as well as participating in the mass dance.
Mama was only able to take pics of Kecil reciting her line, though. During the catwalk, Mama was too busy waving. But she did very well, waving to everyone and smiling. I guess those walkies with the Dog during which we waved at everyone we knew kind of help.
As for the dance... ahem.... let's just say Mama was defeated by the Stampede (of parents rushing to get as close as possible to get the best pics of the kids dancing). Meh. This was the best pic that Mama got from the dance, and that was not saying much. Hmmpphhhffttt!

We attacked the food from the potluck soon after (no pics, sorry). There was an incident when Kecil dropped her precious piece of pizza on the floor (she BAWLED!), but all in all, everything went all right.

At home, Kecil was seen running around in her Pink Cheena dress. Happily.
So I suppose Mama did succeed in fulfilling her brief of creating a UN Day costume that will still end up worn for daily use.

We look forward to more celebrations coming our way.
Oh, and don't forget, Mama owes you one on the Christmas decorations, right?

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