Monday, November 14, 2011

l'édition de la mode

Mama's little fashionista continues to favor her dresses as compared to her pants and shorts, even for going out in the rain, much to Mama's dismay. But Mama does try to rotate her wardrobe, and sometimes, we even managed to get her out of the house looking like a boy:
Well, minus the headband, that is. But seriously, there were days when this Mama got asked if the Kid was a boy. Of course, there are also days, when she's absolutely girly:

Just a bit of story: this particular shirt had been sitting untouched in Kecil wardrobe for the longest time. For some reasons, Kecil just refused to wear it. Until that day.
That was also the same day Mama finally figured out why Kecil does not quite 'like' the shirt.
Quote verbatim: "It's like Daddy's!"
Ha! Ow she's my girly girl, all right. Haha...

This was Kecil trying out her (then) new dress, fresh out of the box from one of her Tantes.

Together with this silk, full length dress, also referred to around here as the 'Princess dress'.

Well, you might or might not deduced already, that MANY of Kecil's clothes are not bought by Mama, but by various members of the extended family. Trust me, that should Mama buy Kecil clothes, you might just be able to tell. But in any case, we are very grateful for all the fancy clothes coming in Kecil's direction. Rest assured, she loves them!

As for Mama, I'd say she's learning some fashion photography nowadays! Haha...

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