Monday, July 11, 2011

yellows and greens...

We might have taken out the swimming pool again for some splash last Sunday, but since then, the weather had made a turn for the worse with plenty of sudden rain falls, thunder storms and generally gray, cloudy days.
Of course, it also means a lot of opportunity to break out our bits of yellows to play in the rain!

We dressed up the Little One, snatched the camera, took the ginormous umbrella (the expensive camera and Mama both need some protection from rain, you know!), and went running to chase some rain outside.

I don't know if you notice, but it seems to this Mama that the kind of rainy days that make Kecil's boat-launching possible often happens on the days when Kecil had decided to wear one of her long, beautiful dresses.
And of course, no boat-launching will be complete without getting down on the ground to release the boat, as well as a general splash around, causing the said dress to get completely drenched, if not muddy as well.
Still, I guess dresses are small price compared to the sheer joy of carefree days under the gentler forces of nature.

I don't have any recollection of me going out to play in the rain myself when I was smaller, but I do hope these days would be one of the many good memories of Kecil's childhood.
Now if Mama can only ensure that all these frolics do not result in any cold/flu/cough, things would be just peachy.
As it is, Kecil just developed a cough over the weekend, which she might have caught from her poor, overworked Daddy. So... we might try to keep ourselves from the rain for the time being.

Until next time, and here's to all kinds of enjoyable weather!


  1. It's as if she lives in fairy land :))

  2. Thank you! Just noticed the wonderful color composition after looking at all the pics on my computer. Was lucky, more than anything, cos I'm not really a stylist. haha...


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