Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bits of yellow....

As we move further into the storm season, the weather pattern had noticeably changed
With slightly lower temperature, more cloudy skies, and even the occasional rainy storms, or just plain old rain
It is still nowhere as bad as our first year here, with the continuous heavy rain day after day after day after day,
Not even that much rain, come to think of it
Still, there is enough rain to make up some gray days that is cheered by a certain sight of yellow bits

Providentially, somehow the street in front of the house came with a little depression for water to flow through.
During rainy days, it becomes a sort of brook where the rain water flows through which Kecil love to plain in, in her boots and her coat
It is just somewhat unfortunate that the rainy season coincides with a certain obsession for Princesses, resulting in a marked preference for longer dresses above any other, more practical kind of clothing for rainy days.
Still... I guess you can say that Kecil can pass a small, modern Laura Ingalls, ha!

Well, there might be only 2 seasons around here, but this Mama hopes that Kecil would grow up to appreciate whatever season nature might throw at her, and make do with whatever activities suited the season the best.

Here's for more rain for the garden, happy frolics in the rain, and delicious soups from Mama's kitchen at the end of the day.

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