Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beautiful Pasta Princess

This Mama admits freely that consistency is not her strong suit
Once in a blue moon, however, thanks to strange alignment of planets in the sky, Mama would get all crafty and motivated and would do all kind of 'productive' stuff in the hope for the betterment of Kecil
Stuff like coloring pasta using food coloring.....

Of course, after the blue moon struck, the pasta just stayed in the container for days while waiting for another mood to strike, which happened right at the end of summer holiday.

A summer pasta crown! Why, of course!
Inspired by a crown made for Ami by her tutor, Mama and Kecil got down to work, cutting papers, glue-ing pasta and various shapes, and Voila!
Needless to say, it was a big hit with Kecil... or should I say the Princess?

It was such a hit that Kecil even wore it during our walkies that day.
Sad to say, the paper could not quite stand such rigor and the crown 'wilted' after just 2 days.
It is unfortunate indeed, that the only pink paper that Mama had in her stash was the flimsy type which could not stand too well under the rigors of Kecil.

The story of the Princess Pasta continued to include Ami as well, as Kecil showed off her crown to her best friend (of course!).
We resolved to make one for Ami as well, and just on Tuesday, Kecil had a playdate with Ami and another friend, where we made crowns for everyone, using a thicker pink card stock.
And just in case you are wondering, of course it has to be pink.
Unfortunately Mama was quite busy with the preparation for making the crown and did not bring a camera to the playdate. Will try to source the pics to be posted.

The inspiration (and some of the know how) for this project came from various blogs and sources through the net. But if you'd like, I wrote down some pointers after the jump for those of you who are interested.
As for the rest, here's just hoping for creative inspirations and great projects to fill your days and cheer up everyone.

For the curious ones, coloring pasta is easy peasy. You just need some rubbing alcohol, food coloring and some pretty shaped pasta.
Mix enough alcohol to cover the pasta (you can soak the pasta in batches to safe the alcohol) with some food coloring.
Basically the more food coloring you put, the darker/deeper the color will be.
Do not as well, that since the pasta is usually not white, you will not get true blue, more like tosca/dark green, but not blue.
I have not experimented with mixing the colors, not enough mood for that.

Once the pasta change color, you can take them out of the soaking liquids and let them dry on newspaper/paper towel.
Take care not to let the different colored pasta touch as they would leave a mark on the pasta.
Once dried... you can use them for all kinds of things: make necklaces, make crowns, decorate picture frames, etc etc etc.

Have fun!

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