Thursday, June 23, 2011

Days at home....

 With the wet season in full swing, we spend a lot of our days nowadays at home.
Well... you can also count the 'summer holiday' aka 'no school days' as yet another factor
But the point is basically that we have to come up with things to do at home
Something (many things!) other than watching the dreaded Dora/ Barney/ whatever current favorite cartoon on TV for the nth time.

So far, we had days when we just mop around the house in our pyjamas, pretending to be bunnies.
Then there are days when we dressed up in our favorite attire (like a certain Princess Flower Dress), creatively using completely mundane things from around the house to practice a feat like carrying bottles waiter-style.
And when Kecil got really bored? There is always the Dog. Ahem.

The poor, well-loved Dog, who got combed using Kecil's toy kitchen implements (the one which kind of look like a comb, I have to admit)
Decorated with necklaces...
Or maybe it was not really necklace as it was ....

... reins?

Ahem. So.. yes, I guess Kecil had already contracted the 'horse-craze' that many little girls seem to succumb to.
And to the poor Dog? I think it was a particularly stormy day, with storms, thunder and lightning.
The Dog is absolutely terrified of thunder in general, which might account for her tolerating Kecil riding on her back, just as long as the Dog can stay within the relative safety of her own corner.

Just another day at home this wet season.
We hope you do have good uses of your stay at home as well, no matter where you are!

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