Saturday, June 25, 2011

Skool Dress aka Uniforms!

 I looked up from reading my book to be greeted by this sight.
My Little Girl in school uniform! EEeeeeksssss! How fast has time flown!
Was it not yesterday that she was still crawling around everywhere?
But then again she looks SOOOOO adorable in her uniform.
Girly girly, and so absolutely mischievous!
(and edible, delicious, scrumptious, nyum nyum... etc etc etc)

Unlike her first uniform in Toddler class, the road to getting Kecil into her proper uniform this time round was not as ... difficult.
Simply put, I believe Kecil immediately fell for the feminine dress model (she's very much into dresses nowadays), so.. upon receiving the 'Skool Dress' she was totally up to trying it out and even showing it off to Daddy.
Still, the journey was not without challenges.

For one, the uniform arrived slightly late, with the size slightly bigger
(Well.. actually we did go for a bigger size just so it would last longer on her)
Mama had to do some creative hand sewing to adjust the Dress to fit properly
And then there was also another delay in the form of storm, causing the school to be closed on the day that was supposed to be the first day in uniforms.
(We are already in the storm season now, so... yeah.. we are expecting quite a few days with school cancellation should the storm gets bad)

Pink socks!
Ah, for all the curious ones, the Skool does not really enforce strict rules on the shoe/socks, so... for the moment, Kecil is wearing her pink shoes from Tante Lia, the Mary Janes.
She's supposed to still wear her PE uniform (shorts and T's) on Fridays, during which, I suppose she'll wear her other pink shoes (also from Tante Lia).
Mama still struggles with the hair. Kecil does NOT quite enjoy having her hair tied/clipped in any way. She may not mind it for school, but usually she'll take them off once school is over. Like immediately once she spot Mama picking her up. Hmmppph.

Anyway, I do hope I have satisfied all cravings to see Kecil in uniform.
I have to admit, even Mama was pretty impatient to see her off to school in her uniform.
As they say again and again... cut as a button!

All images are courtesy of Tante Rina. Thanks a million for the pics, Tante. They are fabulous!

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  1. Great pictures!! And the uniform and Chitra are both so cute.. Hihi.. My my.. she's a big little girl now ya :P *aaaa


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