Sunday, June 12, 2011

still here....

 This Mama needs to apologize for the absence of post for oh so many days.
But then again, although there are days where the inspiration cup runneth over,
There are also days when inspiration proves to be as flitting as a certain green-garbed fairy.

But never fear!
We are still here, hanging on, living our lives
And Kecil is still as cute as ever, as you can see for yourself (albeit through pictures only)
Both the camera phone and the big camera had received some use, and the content downloaded
So... with some careful planning, hopefully we'll have some stream of content in the next couple of days...
Not to mention the start of the school term in Wednesday... hm hm hm... two and half hour of Mama time 5 days a week... oo... Mama is giddy with anticipation
Ahem... oh ya, and of course, Kecil too is wildly excited
We have been counting down, you see, to the day when school starts again

So with all the best wishes,
May you all be blessed with some cuteness in your day!
(I shall try and contribute to make THAT happen)

TADAAH! Cuteness blessing to you!
Here's to even more cuteness coming your way.

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