Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Outside in the rain...

The other day, Tante Rina caught this little Imp playing in the rain gleefully, refusing to wear her raincoat AND taking the umbrella along,
Just her pair of trusty yellow boots and normal clothing,
Running around in the rain.

 The full story was that .... well.. you remember me saying that we have a small depression on the street in front of the house that act like a second water path during rain? Watching all that water rushing by, Mama hit the brilliant idea of playing 'boat' using the water.
So we folded up some magazine paper (hoping that it would be quite water resistant than normal paper) to a boat shape, and sent of the Little One to launch the boat on the water.
Boy, did she ran away with the idea!

Given that it was raining, (and magazine paper is definitely NOT water resistant, DUH!) the paper boat quickly deteriorate to the point that it simply sat in water a lump of wet paper.
So.. Mama went back in, wrestled a cereal box into a rough boat shape, and sent the Kid out again to try it out.
Was pretty successful, but Kecil was getting totally soaked as well.
We called it a day after a while. With difficulty, obviously.
And during shower, we have to cajole her with water in the bathtub to stop her from crying.

The following day, another rainy day, Mama smack her own head for being so stupid
And simply sent Kecil out, after insisting that she put on her raincoat, with a simple, yellow plastic container. DUH!

She still get soaked, even with the raincoat. Must be the rigorous running around.
Well.. we just had to limit her time outside.
Still, it was a cheap, fun entertainment during a rainy day.
Just make sure it was simple rain outside instead of windy thunderstorm with lightning and whatnots.

The rains/storms ended on Sunday.
We highly suspected that the rain/storms went away with Tante Rina.
But that's OK. Kecil might be bored with the boat, and anyway, I am sure we can find all kinds of other things to do in any given weather.
Including Skool!
(Don't forget, we had at least 2 days of Skool canceled thanks to the storms)

So, here's hoping, not necessarily for good weather, but for the ability to make good of whatever weather that comes our way!
Have a great day!

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