Thursday, June 16, 2011

Skool: Day 2

It's day 2 of a brand new term!
After the long summer vacation, and the endless badgering on the subject of school, Skool had finally started again with Kecil now in pre-nursery.
With some new friends, new teachers, new faces, longer hour (minute increase of half hour!)...
Both Mama and Kecil are excited, me thinks.

Anyway, it was Day 2 today, and it was back to arts & craft,
The result of which was proudly shown the moment Kecil spotted Mama at the door, picking her up,
Together with all the 'very good' stamps from her teacher, reward for good behavior.

Kecil is growing up....

In full (temporary) 'regalia'
We are still waiting for her brand new uniforms. In the meantime, she wears her own dresses.

Please don't mind the funny expression.
For some reasons, despite being all cheer and eagerness in the morning to go to school,
Upon me picking her up, she's also all eager to go home ASAP!
The expression, I'm sure, is her begrudging Mama the time it took to snap this picture of hers on our way home.

Well... there are still the whole term ahead.
Here's hoping for a good term, more chance for Mama to study and do other stuff, and Kecil growing growing and growing!

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