Friday, June 3, 2011

the Lion ball

After yesterday's post, you would have thought of me as the bad Mama who does not buy Kecil toys.
Well, as a matter of fact, I do buy some toys for her.
I just pick my toy carefully, given the fact that Kecil has yet to learn to clean up after herself,
Which not only means either Mama or Tita cleaning after her, but also Mama finding whatever toy Kecil sets her heart on when she can't find it herself. Hmmpph...

But anyway, the other day Mama decided that a ball might be a good investment

The story was that, when we went on walkies to the playground one day, we found a basketball.
We did not bring it home, because most probably it belonged to one of the guys playing basketball in the field next door.
But we did spend some time playing catch & throw.

Suffice to say, Kecil not only seem to enjoy playing with the ball, but she also seemed to have developed the necessary motoric skills needed to  play the ball pretty well.
So... I guess a ball is in order, ya?

We did not go for a basketball, which is not only hideously expensive, but also way too heavy and bound to create LOTS of disaster were it to be let loose in the house.
We settled on some cheap rubber ball with Lion King illustration on.
Hence, the Lion Ball.

I guess she likes it.
The ball had since accompanied us in a few of our walkies.

Here's to more ball games, and a future basketball player, maybe?

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