Friday, June 24, 2011

Holidays with Tante

The winds that have been blowing so much rain onto this corner of the planet has also brought something else for Kecil...
Her Tante had come back for another visit!

With Tante's last visit (together with the Eyangs) still fresh on her mind, Kecil was absolutely thrilled about having an extra person in the house to play with (and boss around)
Even taking into account the fact that she was literally 'kidnapped' from her sleep to go and pick Tante up from the airport...
She was still absolutely thrilled!

And then of course there are Tante's gadgets....

Oh, Kecil LOVES Tante's gadgets. She LOVES watching videos of herself (and Daddy and whoever happen to be present in the frame).
As for Tante's pocket camera?
Oh dear, Kecil was so delighted to find a camera that is more suited to her hands as compared to Mama's humongous DSLR.
Needless to say, the said pocket camera was declared Kecil's in a voice that broke no argument.

Whoops, I actually intend to release Kecil's uniform only later, in a dedicated post, but... well.. just consider it a leak, yes?

Back to Tante's visit, basically Kecil had a capital time with her Tante.
From the company, the gifts, the gadgets... I think it was non-stop fun for Kecil.
We do hope that this kind of visit would happen pretty often, indeed!
Thank you, Tante!

Tante still have more time with us till she has to leave on Sunday (yet another Kecil kidnapping trip, since it's an early flight).
It's hard to realize just how fast time flies since she arrived, but I think Kecil would be quite sad too, when it was time for Tante to go. Snif snif.

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