Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This yellow raincoat...

was bought from the far far away land of Netherlands by Eyang for Daddy back during the time when Daddy was about the size of Kecil nowadays.
After about a total of 5 uses, I suppose either Daddy outgrew the coat, or the coat outlast its use in the hot and dry hometown of Daddy's.
It was lovingly cleaned and kept in the recesses of Eyang's house, waiting just for the right moment for it's second debut in the world.

And it's time did come at last, in the form of a certain cute little one, also known here as Kecil,
Daddy's firstborn, who also happened to be Eyangs' only grandchild for the moment.
So it just seems befitting, that Kecil should 'inherit' Daddy's raincoat

Well... ever since Kecil got the raincoat in May as part of her summer loot, it has certainly suffer through much more use than during its tenure as Daddy's raincoat.
From the first storm, to just simple daily rain, to a holiday in the mountain, complete with a horse ride, the raincoat has definitely proven to be very useful.
With the storms that just past us by last weekend, we actually managed to find yet some other activities that can be done during a rainy day:

... like exploring the backyard with a strange dog in tow...

... ensuring good drainage of the water...

... getting literally ankle-deep in water...

... rolling eyes at Mama for clicking non-stop. Ahem. ...

But of course we did not just stay at the back yard. Too many mosquitoes, not enough space... well.. Kecil apparently does not like the backyard too much during rainy days.
So we went to the front, and had a bit of fun as well:

But maybe we'll cover that in a different post.
In the meantime, any guest as to what Kecil did in front of the house that made her so happy?

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