Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer theme: holiday loot

Being the first grandchild from both her maternal and paternal family,
No family visit will be complete without the accompanying loot of gifts for the Little One.
From this holiday alone, included in the loot:

Cute flowery, Hello Kitty hair clips

Cute, girly clothes (enough stock for at least the next 6 months!)

Mickey pyjamas and Indian bangles

Daddy's old raincoat

Absolutely adorable 'bear jacket' (it has ears on the hood, but it was not in the pic)
Not to forget the brand new pool and swimming suit!

This Mama hopes that Kecil will continue in her good nature and not turn into the Demanding Little Brat who would expect loot from every visit. Like this:

Give me!

Nah. But she is quite possessive, which is saying that if you take something she thought of as hers.... she's quick to demand the return of the said item.
We are still working on sharing.

In any case, just in case you were all wondering about Mama and Daddy's share of loot.... why, we have the equivalent of a happy pirate's bounty of a whole stack of nice photographs as well as an extremely happy kid with us. Like this one:

And so we are content. Life is good.
Here's hoping for contentment in life, wherever you might be!

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