Sunday, May 22, 2011

Technical difficulties

We are currently experiencing some technical difficulties that has prevented a regular blogging schedule. The technical stuff ranges from Mama getting sick from eating bad stuff, to internet working at internet pace, to Kecil not taking her proper naps (and giving Mama time to write and collate), and so on.
Mama's school has also started, with a report due at the end of this week, so... we'll see how all that will affect blogging schedule.
Of course, Kecil is still happily playing, cavorting, gambolling, and generally making merry.
It does not make taking care of her easy, what with Mama's upset stomach, but I guess her laugh, her smile and her incessant chatter kind of make up for it all.

We'll still have another day in the weekend to rest, so... here's for a better week ahead!

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